Innovative Network Applications and Services(iNAS)


Instructor:        黃崇明 Chung-Ming Huang

Office:               4210C

Phone:               2757575-62523

Ckass   Time:     T- 14:10~17:00

Class   Room:     4261

Office   Hour:    W- 14:10~16:00

TA   email:

Course Syllabus

  1.      Introduction
  2.      Network technologies
  3.      Communication Networks
  4.      Application Platforms, middleware, and Protocols
  5.      Application Development Tookits
  6.      Application and Services
  7.      Project Demo


  1. 11/27 project proposal: prepare ppt files about 4~8 slides, have to print the ppt in 2 slides per page and duplex, still have to present paper
  2. 12/25 project demo: this week is final week

Grading Scheme:

Paper Presentaion: 40%    Project: 40%    Term Report: 20%